lundi 22 août 2016

My lovely Montpellier

Absolutely charming, the Montpellier city center 
is called Escutcheon because of its shape.  
It is a maze of tiny streets, dating from the Middle Ages, 
the golden age of the city. 
The XIXth century wanted to rehabilitate it all, in the Haussmannian Paris style. But foundations and stone walls remained in place, simply recoated to be more fashion.

Must be visited !

The elegant Haussmann style with its tall windows and wrought iron balconies

The foundations are from the Middle Ages

Hidden roses, also from the Middle Ages

Nod to My Lovely Versailles, 
the triumphal arch built in honor of Louis XIV.

Courtyard of a renovated mansion in Haussmann style 
as you would see in Paris.

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